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Murray Brott started tinkering with his Dad's old Voigtlander camera when he was 18. The Chicago native was fascinated by the confluence of light, texture, shape and building elements he observed as an architecture student at the University of Oklahoma. Little did he know that a dozen years later, he would settle in Santa Fe, where a wonderland of mountains and sky would feed what has become his lifetime passion for photography and travel. Brott moved from his first Voigtlander to SLR film to medium format and adopted digital format in 2008 for his photo journey to Antarctica.


Following his passion for fine-art photography, Brott has studied under many masters and has practiced the art of fine-art platinum and digital printing. He has photographed on six continents, and his work resides in collections in the U.S. and Austrailia.

"Photography to me is a sensual experience, combining all of the senses on a core level. It is also an expression of the individual artist, for no two people look at a scene in exactly the same way. Yet, there are so many "personal" elements that play a part in my photography".

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